Tasman Dr Lane Closure Pathway

Tasman Dr is a street in North Sunnyvale with 2 lanes of car traffic in each direction and a light rail line that goes through the center, but there are no continuous sidewalks or bike facilities on either side of the street between Fair Oaks Ave and Lawrence Expressway.

The pandemic greatly reduced traffic on Tasman Dr, and at the urging of local advocates, in September 2020 the City of Sunnyvale temporarily closed a vehicle lane on the South side of Tasman Drive to provide space for walking and biking. Over the last few months, there has been incredibly high usage of the lane closure pathway. Residents have been using it to travel to parks, buy groceries, commute to work, and walk their dogs.

The future

On August 31st the city council voted to extend the duration of the Tasman Drive temporary Lane Closure Pathway for another 12 months until September 2022.

Currently, the city is studying making this lane closure pathway permanent and doing a similar one on the Westbound side of the street (DPW 21-03). The temporary lane closure pathway should stay until the study is complete and a permanent lane closure pathway is built.

Red = Lane Closure Pathway

Green = Sidewalks on Tasman between Fair Oaks Ave and Lawrence Expwy.