Free Bicycle Rack Installation Program

Do you know a property in Sunnyvale that needs better bicycle parking?

The City of Sunnyvale will install secure, convenient bicycle parking for commercial or retail properties that have a shortage of bike parking facilities. To request the installation of bike racks, you must be the property owner or manager of the site.

Share this website or flyer with the property manager or property owner:

Want to get this program in your own city?

If you don't live in Sunnyvale, you should advocate getting this program started in your own city.

Sunnyvale's Free Bicycle Rack Installation Program has been running since January 2021 and we've got bike racks installed on multiple commercial properties. The program was first proposed in 2020 as a budget issue for a one-time cost of $20,000. It costs a total of around $500 to buy and install a bike rack to hold 4-5 bikes. You can see the specific language of the budget issue here on page 174.

This effort is lead by the Bike Sunnyvale Team. Join us. We love new members!