Sunnyvale Ave Caltrain Undercrossing


City Council voted unanimously on 09/27/22 to move forward with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Only design. The project is now in the environmental clearance phase.

See Sunnyvale City website for updates

What is the Sunnyvale Avenue Undercrossing?

  • By 2040, there will be 4x as many trains crossing the intersection per day, up toone train every five minutes

  • This will lead to more crossing delays, more train horns, and higher chances of collisions

  • To solve these problems, the city of Sunnyvale and Caltrain are planning to lower Sunnyvale Ave below the tracks

The project will:

Create an undercrossing only for pedestrians and cyclists. Vehicles would cross the tracks on Mathilda or Fair Oaks Avenues

    • Creates a safe, convenient, and comfortable way for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the tracks

    • Calms traffic both in downtown and along Sunnyvale Ave

    • Maintains access from Sunnyvale Ave to Evelyn Ave from the south, and to Hendy Ave from the North (The alternate vehicle tunnel would not)

    • Nearby Mathilda and Fair Oaks are already designed to handle large vehicle volumes, and will continue to allow easy motorist access between neighborhoods north of the tracks and downtown

    • Cost: $100M (The alternate car-centric project was $250M)

Special thanks to everyone who wrote their council members, spoke at city council meetings, and explained the benefits of this project to their neighbors. This success would not have been possible without you!

This success was led by the Bike Sunnyvale Team. Join us. We love new members!