Sunnyvale Ave Caltrain Undercrossing

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What is the Sunnyvale Avenue Undercrossing?

  • By 2020, there will be 4x the number of trains crossing the intersection per day, as much as one train every five minutes.

  • This will lead to more crossing delays, more train horns, and higher chances of collisions.

  • To solve these problems, the city of Sunnyvale is planning to lower Sunnyvale Ave below the tracks

What options are being considered?

1) Bicycle & Pedestrian Only Underpass

An undercrossing only for pedestrians and cyclists. Vehicles would cross the tracks on Mathilda or Fair Oaks Avenues

    • Would create a safe, convenient, and comfortable way for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the tracks

    • Calms traffic both in downtown and along Sunnyvale Ave

    • Nearby Mathilda and Fair Oaks are already designed to handle large vehicle volumes, and will continue to allow easy motorist access between neighborhoods north of the tracks and downtown.

    • Endorsed by the Sunnyvale Downtown Association

    • Cost: $100M

2) Vehicle Tunnel

A massive undercrossing for vehicles, with limited access to the Caltrain station and to Evelyn Ave.

    • Would make turning between Evelyn Ave, Sunnyvale Ave, and Hendy Ave impossible

    • Creates traffic circulation problems downtown, increasing traffic on Washington Ave and other side streets.

    • Pedestrians and cyclists would have to travel 400-1200 ft more just to cross the tracks

    • Cost: $250M

Option 1 is the best for Sunnyvale's future

Building this option would improve transportation for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists alike, as well as creating a more livable city on both sides of the tracks. The other option would not.

How you can help:

1) Email the city council by Sept 23rd

Send to Ideas to include (customize the parts in italics):

  • Why the Bike and Pedestrian Only option is good:

    • There will be fewer vehicles on Sunnyvale Ave, while providing direct and comfortable routes for cyclists and pedestrians to downtown and the Caltrain Station. How would this benefit you? Would you walk/bike to local destinations more often?

    • It would decrease cut-through traffic and congestion throughout downtown Sunnyvale. This improves the quality of the downtown.

    • More people will choose to walk and bike to their destinations, which helps us achieve our city goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing vehicle miles traveled, and increasing trips done by walking and biking to 10% by 2030.

  • Why the Vehicle Tunnel option is bad

    • It would encourage more vehicle traffic on Sunnyvale Ave. How would fast-moving traffic impact your quality of life? Describe from your own experiences.

    • A new car tunnel would induce demand for more driving. It will increase traffic on several streets in downtown Sunnyvale. Would you feel less inclined to go downtown because of this?

    • It's indirect for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, who would have to travel 400-1200 ft more just to cross the tracks from Evelyn Ave.

    • The vehicle tunnel will cost +$150 million more than the bike/pedestrian-only option. Is this really the best use of our taxpayer money?

    • This design has more vehicle-bicycle conflict points and raises the chances of pedestrians getting hit by vehicles. From 2014 to 2018, 20 cyclists and 40 pedestrians were killed or severely injured by car collisions in Sunnyvale. If the city builds this design, this dangerous trend will only get worse! If you have ever been in a bicycle-vehicle collision, mention it here.

Therefore, please choose the Bike and Pedestrian-Only undercrossing design for Sunnyvale Ave on Sept 27th.

2) Sign this petition by Sept 22nd, 2022

3) Speak at the city council meeting on Sept 27th

Speak during the public comment session at the Sunnyvale City Council meeting on the evening of Tuesday, Sept 27th (zoom link). The agenda item should come up at 7:30 pm or later, and public comment will open 1-1.5 hours after that.

This effort is led by the Bike Sunnyvale Team. Join us. We love new members!