Tasman Drive

Walk/Bike Study Issue

Success! The city council decided to fund this study issue on Feb 25th, 2021. Next steps:

  • 2021-2024 - City studies feasibility of building bike & pedestrian facilities on both sides of Tasman Dr via a road diet. This study is known as Study Issue DPW 21-03

  • 2023 February - City Council decides whether to continue the temporary lane closure (advocacy needed)

  • 2024 December - City staff finishes DPW 21-03, Sunnyvale City Council decides whether to make the lane closure pathway permanent on Tasman Dr (advocacy needed)

  • Date TBD - Construction begins

In September 2020, the City closed down a lane on Tasman Drive to provide space for walking and biking. There has been an incredibly high usage of the lane closure pathway. Residents use it to travel to parks, buy groceries, and commute to work.

Given the success of this lane closure, the city should make the lane closure permanent and identify a solution that facilitates safe walking and biking on both sides of the street.

Multi-use pathway example

Our preferred solution

Our preferred solution is a multi-use pathway on both sides of the street. This will provide a wide space for pedestrians and bikers that is separated from cars.


  • Increased safety for all users. Because there are no continuous sidewalks, people frequently walk in the gutter next to 40 mph traffic. This is an accident waiting to happen.

  • Better access to parks, Light Rail stations, bus stops, the East Channel Trail, Grocery Outlet, and other local businesses

  • Safer and easier routes for students to bike to Lakewood Elementary School and Mission College

  • Less traffic on Tasman by diverting commuters to other roads such as 101, 237, and Persian Dr

  • Cleaner, healthier air and less noise pollution from fewer cars

Tasman Dr west of Lawrence Expressway should be a Residential Street

Tasman Dr west of Lawrence Expressway is an overwhelmingly residential area with houses on both sides of the street. Residents in this area deserve safe walking sidewalks and bike lanes, just like any other residential street in Sunnyvale.

During pre-pandemic times, drivers commuting to/from Moffett Park used this section of Tasman Drive as a shortcut, which resulted in more fast-moving traffic at the expense of the quality of life of the local residents. There are several alternative routes for commuters (red lines). Reducing this section of Tasman Drive from 4 lanes to 2 lanes would minimize through-traffic and divert commuters to other routes, improving the safety and livability of the neighborhood. Sunnyvale has already set a precedent by approving a road diet on Java Dr, which is a similar street to Tasman Dr.

This effort is lead by the Bike Sunnyvale Team. Join us. We love new members!