Evelyn Avenue Multi-Use Trail and Bikeway Study

Update: Unfortunately, the City Council choose to drop the Evelyn Ave Study Issue. The reason was that city staff is working on the details for the Bernardo and Mary Undercrossings, which would intersect with the planned Evelyn bikeway. Those details are currently being worked on. However, the city of Sunnyvale received funding for the Evelyn trail in 2022 from both the state and federal levels. The city will start the design phase soon. Construction is estimated to be done around 2025 give or take. Special thanks to Mayor Klein for pushing this project forward.

Scope of the Evelyn Ave Study Issue

This Study will evaluate the potential of installation of a two-way Class I or Class IV bicycle facility on the north side of Evelyn Avenue between Bernardo Avenue and the Caltrain Station. 

The current speed limit on this stretch of road is 35 mph, however vehicles often travel must faster.

A two-way Class I or Class IV bicycle facility on the Evelyn Avenue Corridor would be the first step in connecting downtown Sunnyvale to downtown Mountain View with uninterrupted bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. It also would better connect local residents to the Caltrain station and other city amenities. Lastly, it would reduce air and noise pollution in West Sunnyvale.

To learn more you can read the official Study Issue.

What Evelyn Avenue Currently Looks Like

What Evelyn Avenue Could Look Like

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