Sunnyvale Ave Bike Lanes

Update: The city council voted on 9/28/21 to install buffered bicycle lanes on Sunnyvale ave between Maude Ave and Hendy Ave!

This project closes a critical bike lane gap, resulting in 11 miles of continuous bike lanes connecting the Bay Trail to Saratoga. It will make it safer for residents to bike to Downtown, Moffett Park, the Caltrain Station, and numerous other important destinations. Children will be able to safely ride to Bishop Elementary School, Columbia Middle School, and Fremont High School.

Thank you for your support for this project. Over 52 people sent letters to city council. At the City Council meeting, 19 people spoke in favor of the project (vs 7 opposed). These combined efforts convinced some council members who were previously on the fence. The resulting vote was 6-1.

Tentative Schedule:

Jan. 2023 - Construction phase begins

June 2023 - Project completion

If you want to help with future advocacy efforts, please become a member of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and join Bike Sunnyvale.

Location: The 3/4 mile section of Sunnyvale Avenue between Hendy Avenue and Maude Avenue (red line on map). It is the only gap in what would otherwise be 11 miles of continuous bike lanes spanning from the Bay Trail to Saratoga.

Closing a gap

  • Sunnyvale Avenue is the most important and most used north-south bike corridor in Sunnyvale. There are many destinations that people want to bike to using this road (3 schools, 1 park, downtown, Caltrain station etc.). There are no safer alternatives. Over 100 bicyclists/hour already bike on this section of Sunnyvale Ave during rush hour, but it feels dangerous because there are no bike lanes.

  • Sunnyvale Ave needs to be safe for all ages and abilities, especially children and the elderly.

This project will benefit...

Bicyclists and potential bicyclists

  • Bike lanes would make students feel safer biking to Bishop Elementary, Columbia Middle and Fremont High School.

  • Sunnyvale Avenue provides vital access between neighborhoods north of Central Expressway and destinations in Downtown Sunnyvale, such as restaurants, shopping, Caltrain, and the Farmers Market.

  • Commuters use it to travel to and from Caltrain.

  • Adding bike lanes to a road has been shown to reduce bike crashes by 10% to 50%.

  • Removing parking eliminates the risk of being "doored."

  • Many people in Sunnyvale want to bike more, but are intimidated by not having bike lanes.

  • When bike lanes are installed, more people will bike. A recent City survey of 179 neighbors on and near Sunnyvale Ave showed that 55% would bike more if bike lanes are installed on the street.


  • The project will reduce lane widths from 13.5' to 11', which will likely reduce speeding

Bike Sunnyvale asks the city to:

  • Add striping and signs to make it safer and easier for people to cross the street at Hazelton and California Avenue.

  • Address the narrow sidewalks on the bridge over Central Expressway with striping or other tools.

  • Install striping, signs, or other traffic calming strategies to slow down drivers.


  • Removing parking would allow drivers on Hazelton and Taylor to see oncoming cars and safely turn onto Sunnyvale Avenue.

  • Bike lanes mean more people biking which results in less traffic.

  • Imagine how much happier drivers would be if they didn't need to drive 15 mph behind a bicyclist riding in the middle of the lane.

  • VTA bus drivers would be able to easily pass bicyclists with ample room.