Tasman Dr Survey Results

In September 2020, the city closed a vehicle lane on the Eastbound (AKA South) side of Tasman Drive between Vienna Drive and Tasman Court to create space for walking and biking. In January 2021, a survey was sent out on Nextdoor to gauge nearby residents' usage and attitude toward the pathway/lane closure. There were 81 responses.

People Use the Pathway

43% use the pathway at least weekly

58% use the pathway at least monthly

This equates to 24 trips/day/81 respondents*

Frequent Destinations

People mainly use the pathway for traveling to Grocery Outlet and nearby parks.

Casa De Amigos Residents use the Pathway more often than Plaza Del Rey Residents

This is true even though the pathway is on the Plaza Del Rey side of the street.

Blue = Sidewalks/walkways available for pedestrians on Tasman between Fair Oaks Ave and Lawrence Expwy.


726.2 user trips/month / 30.4 days/month = 24 user trips/day

For questions about the data, contact bikesunnyvale@gmail.com.